Ek Chota Sa Break

Teams of 6


July 5, 2012, 4:00pm.

Round 1

The first round will be held before the Commraids day. This will involve all the teams participating to send two contestants. They will be of 1 minute and they will have to recognize as many as they can. Teams with highest number of logos will move to the second round.

Round 2

The second round is a Pictionary cum dumb charades. It involves three members of each team. One member sits on a chair while another tries to act something out to the third. The third then proceeds to draw it out so that the member sitting can guess.

JULY 6th

Round 3

Three teams will move on from PIC-CHARADES. They are each given one object which will test their creativity. They are given a crisis situation and a quirky object and they will be judged on the basis of the creativity with which they apply the object to the crisis. They will be asked to think about the potential of the object. All the three teams will move to the next round. Judges will give marks on the basis of creativity, innovation and ad concepts.

Round 4

The three teams will be called half-hour before the lunch break gets over. They will be given a topic and the rest of the lunch break to brainstorm and make a mad-ad of 3 minutes. The top two teams will be awarded.


  • Individual participation.
  • All posters must be submitted on the 5th of July.
  • Topics: 1) A teaser advertisement of any upcoming movie or, 2) An endorsement advertisemnt: a well known celebrity endorsing “Hawai chappals”.



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